Scanco VILT Courses

All Courses and Certifications are held online from 12 pm to 4:30 pm Eastern.


Sage Production Management VILT Courses

  1. Sage Production Management

  2. Sage IRP Module

  3. Sage Shop Floor App

  4. MFG 100 Mobile App for Production Management





Sage Operations Management VILT Courses

  1. Sage Operations Management (fka Sage 100cloud Manufacturing/JobOps) 

  2. Time Tracker Module

  3. Field Service Module

  4. Tech Dash App

  5. Product Configurator Module

  6. Enhanced Scheduling Module

  7. MFG 100 Mobile App for Operations Management


Reseller Certification Classes via VILT

  1. Sage Operations Management (fka Sage 100cloud Manufacturing /JobOps + Time Tracker)


  2. Sage Production Management, IRP and Shop Floor App 






Sage Production Management Training Class

This 3-day online course covers all Sage Production Management, IRP modules, as well as the Shop Floor mobile app.

This course helps the user navigate from the basics of installing the software, through conversions of existing Work Order customers through to usage of the new modules. The extensive step by step training with case study and activity integrations ensures you get the utmost out of every minute of this class. Other Sage 100 modules, integrations and even licensing differences between subscription and perpetual licenses are addressed in this in-depth training course.

Sage Operations Management
(fka Sage 100cloud Manufacturing/JobOps)

This 5-day online course covers an in-depth training experience on Sage Operations Management (fka Sage 100cloud Manufacturing/JobOps) module along with Time Tracker.


This engaging class helps educate the user on the unique integration between Sage Operations Management, along with key Sage 100 modules. The activities help solidify understanding of module setups, creating, changing, reporting on, and inquiring options for work tickets. Explore procurement tools for purchased and manufactured materials, while learning to assign and issue components, record labor, and invoice work tickets.



Training & Certification Course Pricing


Sage Operations Management (aka Sage 100cloud Manufacturing/JobOps) + Time Tracker Module

Sage Operations Management (fka Sage 100cloud Manufacturing/JobOps) + Time Tracker Module contains features and functions to make, install and/or service products, using a single integrated solution.


End-user & Reseller Cert

Production Management with IRP & Shop Floor

PM seamlessly integrates with Sage 100 to leverage the core financial, inventory, purchase order and bill of materials related data but adds the ability to produce items for inventory and resale.

$795 | End-user

$595 | Reseller Cert

Field Service with Tech Dash

For companies that offer repair, maintenance, and warranty services, this module helps track the costs and revenue of services.


MFG 100 Mobile App Production Management

An application for those wanting to transact in their manufacturing environments from sources on the floor or critical business areas.


Enhanced Scheduling

Enhanced Scheduling is an add-on module to the Sage Operations Management (fka Sage 100cloud Manufacturing/JobOps) Base system, which allows work tickets to be scheduled using either the date-based or capacity-based scheduling model.  


Product Configurator

Product Configurator is a tool for companies that offer highly customized products to help construct unique items.


Tech Dash ONLY

Technician Dashboard allows for a technician to have a real-time daily schedule in the field.


MFG 100 Mobile App Operations Management

An application for those wanting to transact in their manufacturing environments from sources on the floor or critical business areas.



Virtual Course FAQs
Who can attend Scanco (VILT) courses?

Training courses are open to current Sage Production Management, Sage Manufacturing/JobOps, and Sage resellers for certification courses.  

What are the benefits of virtual instructor-led training (VILT)?

With instructor-led classes held online in our virtual classroom, you have the benefits of online instruction without the requirements and expense of travel. You can attend from anywhere - your home or office.

* NOTE: The course will be facilitated using GoToMeeting. For more information about GoToMeeting, visit the GoToMeeting site.

How do the (VILT) classes compare with classroom instructor-led classes?

The virtual instructor-led training (VILT) classes simulate the same experience that you would have in one of our classrooms (including hands-on labs in many courses and interaction with the instructor and other students). When the class is offered both in the class and online, the exact same materials and labs are used.

How do users access or join a virtual instructor-led (VILT) class?

You will recieve the link to your course after payment has been accepted. A computer headset (or speakers and a microphone) are required to attend the class. There is no dial-in phone number.

Will training materials be provided with the virtual instructor-led training (VILT) classes?

Yes. Course materials are provided via electronic means. An email with instructions to access materials is sent out before class starts.  If you have not received your materials notification, please check your spam folder or inform your instructor when you enter the class. There may be times when new or updated materials may be distributed on the first day of class. Digital materials are included in the price of the course. Please note that Scanco WILL NOT send printed copies of manuals.

What happens if I experience technical difficulties during the class?

If in the event that you experience a problem all of our training is recorded and can be made available.  For GoToMeeting assistance please contact technical support at 1.800.514.1317 or GoToMeeting Support. For all other technical difficulties, please contact for assistance.

What time do classes start? What time zone are the classes scheduled in?

Classes start at 1 pm eastern and run until 4:30 pm eastern.

Do Sage resellers have to take the certification classes? Is there an exam?

Sage resellers are only required to attend the certification classes if they plan on selling Sage Production Management, IRP or any of the Sage 100cloud Manufacturing/JobOps suite. Because we have moved the course online, we need to issue an exam to ensure the material is learned and that resellers have complete knowledge of the solutions.

What forms of payment are accepted?


Meet Our Experts

Scanco Trainers and Instructors

The Scanco VILT Instructors have over 100 years of expertise and experience in manufacturing and distribution automation solutions and best practices.


Darin Steward

VP of Sage Manufacturing Sales


Aaron LaBounty

Manufacturing Software Consultant


Angela Naff

Technical Training Representative